Opening Night

My PDX at the PNCA Collaborative Design MFA thesis exhibition opening night.  More photos by Laura DeVito are posted HERE on her Flickr.

Preview of Completed Maps

The majority of maps have been returned. Still waiting for a few more to come back. Here are a few (bicycle heavy) examples of what people have been mapping. It is incredible how the notes and documentation style reveals the personality of the mapper. I'm really excited to show the finished project at the MFA thesis show on May 23rd in the PNCA Commons. 

Coverage Area

This map shows the part of the Portland Metro area that is included on the My PDX map. It was hard to decide how much of Portland to include. I decided to focus on the central part of the city but not limited to the downtown area. This represents a cross section of cultures and is accessed by a good amount of multi-modal transportation. I needed to focus on an area that was small enough to be able to have walking and car paths be drawn. 

Spring Break

Had a great time enjoying my last break before school is finished. A full week of friends, adventures and art. Back to the grind to finish up strong. Excited to wrap up My PDX and install the final show for May 23rd. 

Project Instructions

Suggested steps for My PDX

  1. Open up your new map.
  2. Write your name and date range that you are using the map
  3. Fill in the color coded key for your transportation types.
  4. Draw your paths. Use the colored marker that corresponds with your transportation color key
  5. Make notes about destinations, landmarks, and things of personal significance. 
  6. Start reflecting on each type of transportation each day. Make a mark for each description word that relates to your transportation that day. 
  7. Make a note each day of anything interesting that you experienced.
  8. After the seven day period, return the completed map to me for documentation. 
  9. At some point we will make arrangements for a photo session and I will take a portrait of each participant in the project. 

*If you post about the project to social media, use the hash tag #mypdx

Map Folding Party

Maps on maps on maps. No matter how many I fold, there are more to go, and I'm not getting any faster. Luckily I have good music to keep me motivated. 

Map Update

The vacuum table is finished, map is finalized, and the screen is burned! Excited to get in the print lab at PNCA and screen print the maps tomorrow. Going to print somewhere between 125-150 maps. Prepping for next week by buying sharpies like they're going out of business, emailing people way too often, and trying to limit myself to 3 cups of coffee per day. At some point I will make a vacuum table construction post with some tips and lessons learned. 

Vacuum Table Progress

Building a vacuum table top press for the PNCA printmaking lab. After a field trip to Crack Press and a shopping trip to Mr. Plywood with Palmarin, the design is finalized and everything is cut and routed. Dado blades and drill presses are amazing. Should have the whole thing working  by next week. Going to start screen printing maps by March 1st. 

Trial Run Feedback

Getting the first few trial run maps back and gathering feedback for design updates. 

My PDX Abstract

First draft of my thesis paper is due tomorrow... Here is my project abstract in the meantime. 


MY PDX - Portraits of Portlanders Through Transportation Mapping

MY PDX is a subjective cartography and photography project inspired by the concept of topophilia, our innate love of place. We have become reliant on navigation technology to guide us through space. Navigation technology commands you step by step from A to B without allowing room for wandering and discovery. Daily we spend hours en route, but don't spend time noticing what is in between destinations. This is not a wayfinding project, but an expression of geographical emotion.

The core of the project is a minimalist base map of Portland screen printed on TyVek. It will have the least amount of information possible, only major roads and water features are included. With a smart phone or tablet, users can project an augmented reality layer with labeled details of the city. This map will be the basis for a transportation journaling project, in which 25 participants will document and reflect on each trip they take for a week. Each participant will be photographed, which will be displayed with their completed map. MY PDX aims to understand how our transportation choices influence our mood and experience of the external world. The user will draw on the map to document daily transportation routes and record significant happenings. They enhance their sense of place and understanding of their transportation network, strengthening their topophilia by spatializing their memories into a tangible artifact. This collection of personalized maps, reflections, and photographs will create portraits through transportation habits, revealing different versions and variety of experiences of Portland.

My PDX Blog Launch

First entry on my capstone project blog. My PDX is a subjective cartography project that will create portraits of Portland through personal transportation habits.